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These Dreams of Mine... by Rain-Gear These Dreams of Mine... by Rain-Gear
Ah luna, your colours are so nice to work with!
Is it me or does luna get all the cool dreamy art? Anyways just finished this in stream and thought I'd share. Felt like doing something a little more surreal for a change.

Here is the sketch I started from with this piece.
Sketch These Dreams of Mine by Rain-Gear
Hope you like it!

Till next time.

Ok. This is my first critique, so I will just jump right in. First, what I love. Your glow effects. The horn, chest plate, even the silvery lining on the underside of her wings is done incredibly well. Her mane was done tastefully, not overly extravagant as I have seen some do, so it doesn't overwhelm the picture. Going back to the wings, I have to say they are quite possibly in the top 2 in drawn pegasus wings I have seen anywhere, not just on dA. Her expression befits her as well, and the level of detail that you put into the background is proportionate (for lack of a better word at the moment) to the detail you gave Luna(the subject) The reflection is very well done, and the ripples were a very nice touch. I cant say I really disliked anything in this image, however, there are a couple things I thought just didn't quite match up, or was a little lost on. I am not 100% sure where they fit in here, but the paper airplanes while they dont detract for the picture, the seem a little more hastily done than the rest of the picture, a bit rougher than the crispness found elsewhere in the picture. I have to make the same note about her tail. Im not sure how it could be rectified, not being an artist myself, and I also know that the properties of her mane and tail make it difficult to draw in the first place, It just seems like her mane was done to rate a 9 or even a 10, where her tail might rate 7 or 8.
Overall, I would have to say this is one of the most amazing pictures I have seen in my year (yes, I am rather new to the fandom) of looking at pony art, and without even creating a list, I know it would easily make my top ten. and just one small note to end positively. I LOVE how you did her slippers! which leaves me torn as to my favorite part of this picture. Her wings, her slippers or her face/head (to include the front part of her mane)!
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I'm huge fan of the color in this work! The composition is prefect! The detail and the subject are really well done. I especially like the paper planes. The mood and tone are nicely juxtaposed with this fiery moon with the tranquil water. If I had to say that something could be enhanced, I'd say maybe some motion blur on the planes toward the front would give some additional movement. The reflections could be a just a bit darker with a slight Gaussian Blur, this would give it more of a realistic feel. I hope that this is helpful. Outstanding work!
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January 13, 2015
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